Thanksgiving Thoughts on Fertility Challenges

November 25th, 2009 by DCPatient Leave a reply »

Challenges to the process of conceiving a child are not usually mentioned among the top things to be thankful for when one goes around the dinner table on Thursday, but after 2 years and counting of walking this rocky road to motherhood I realize that I have several things on which I’d like to express gratitude.

  1. I give thanks for greater knowledge and appreciation for the miracle of my female body and the reproductive process. I would be embarrassed by how little I knew if the average women knew any more.  It is a disservice to women that we are not taught more and earlier.
  2. I give thanks for a stronger marriage and an enhanced appreciation for my husband’s strength, sensitivity, love, and the great gift he has given me of a safe place to pour all my disappointment, frustration, and fears.
  3. I give thanks for doctors who listen and truly practice medicine. Reproductive endocrinology is as much art and science and requires a level of personalization physically and emotionally that is not necessary in other specialties.  Also, there is as much unknown as known.  I am grateful for finally finding a physician with the humility and skill to meet me where I am and work with what my body can do.
  4. I give thanks to God.  Fertility is faith. Faith that my body is innately fertile. Faith that diligently seeking God’s plan for my life is worthwhile in itself. Faith that as I draw nearer to Him He draws nearer to me.
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