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Since I bought a new car 2 weeks ago, I’ve noticed every car advertisement whether in print, on tv, or on the radio.  Similarly, 2 years ago, when we began facing conception challenges I started noticing advertising for fertility clinics. It’s as if they sprang up like the soldiers made from dragon’s teeth in the original Jason and the Argonauts movie – suddenly they are everywhere.

The further along in this journey I travel the more these ads bother me.  I appreciate their presence, acknowledging that these are medical issues that can be treated and that there is no shame in seeking treatment, however, the ads usually read something like this:

“ Where Dreams come to Life” or some other mystical, aspirational marketing statement.

List of Services: the higher tech the better, as if we are in some fertility arms race — “egg donation, Intracytoplasmic  Sperm Injection ( ICSI), Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis . . .”

“ Nationally Acclaimed, Highly Successful”

I understand, just like cardiac or prostate cancer centers that advertise their new Da Vinci robot, we are supposed to be comforted by and attracted to the facility with the latest and greatest, also practices need a certain volume to amortize the cost of expensive equipment of highly sought after sub-specialists like geneticists.

However, I wish that there was a center brave, bold, and honest enough to put forward the following:

There are no guarantees

We will work with you to 1st help get you and your partner in the best physical shape pre-conception.

Then we will leverage the best of Eastern and Western Medicine to optimize your own reproductive cycle.

We have meditation and yoga classes and resources on site since this process is inherently stressful.

This will solve a high percentage of couples’ conception challenges.

As for the rest we will THEN apply only so much medicine, science, and surgery as is necessary to reach your particular family building goal whether that be your own genetic child, a pregnancy, or give you the information you need to assess when adoption or childfree living are options.  We will not pressure you into believing that all these are the same.

This may take a month or several years.  Depending on your insurance coverage it will likely be expensive.

We are your partner and will do everything we know for you.  The rest is really in God’s Hands.

Call us.

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  1. georgia says:

    this is good.

    my husband and i just started fertility treatment, and this really hits home. i find myself often thinking about how we are spending a lot of money we don’t really have just to try to get pregnant… not even to be guaranteed that we will get pregnant. it’s overwhelming sometimes.

    “the rest is really in God’s hands.” isn’t that the truth?

    • DCPatient says:

      Thanks, Georgia. Stay strong. I think perseverance is the key to “success” in this battle.