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What I Learned About Health at the Sting Concert

July 12th, 2010

I spend almost every waking hour fixated on health and healthcare – my own, my family’s, the nation’s. I do research, discuss, or meet with innovative thinkers and practitioners on economic theories and cutting edge technology. Yet I think the best lessons I’ve had in a while on the true meaning of health came Saturday night at the fantastic concert with Sting and the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.
1. I have had a skip in my step for 2 months since my husband told me he had bought the tickets. Many studies have shown that having a happy marriage can lower blood pressure, inflammation, and levels of stress hormones.
2. Likewise, having something to look forward to all week, seemed to lighten the load of every task I undertook.
3. The music at the concert somehow allowed me to both transcend and fully inhabit myself in a way that my poor but earnest attempts at daily meditation never reach.
4. I danced for much of the 3 hour set and certainly never thought of it as exercise.
5. Watching, being in the presence of people creatively and passionately expressing themselves inspired me to do the same.
6. Finally, experiencing the music live in the company of hundreds of others similarly enjoying themselves gave a sense of universal harmonization and wellbeing, a comfort in alignment.

So what did I learn about health at the Sting concert?
Health is a manifestation of a positive emotional and mental state much more than simply lack of physical disease.